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IMC Has Been Delivering Professional Information Technology Services To Small To Mid Sized Businesses in Southwestern Pennsylvania Since 1994.

Thru the years we have found that as a VSB, (Very Small Business), owner maintaining a viable backup solution is sometimes cumbersome and time consuming and all too often neglected.  One vital fact is that it is extremely necessary and needs to be initiated correctly and maintained properly every day.

Any significant business data not backed up is a failure waiting to happen. Simply having a backup provider is sometimes not the only answer. All VSB owners need a cost effective and total secure backup solution.

Your personal IMC Managed Services Backup Technician helps you maintain all of your offsite catastrophic backup routines, data security and integrity. Each backup routine is carefully built for your business operations and monitored and logged daily. If you become too busy with daily business, our Technicians are there to back you up. Data size restrictions and routines are monitored for every client and notifications are closely followed up.

 Give us a call today at 724-375-8355 to request your personalized IMC Managed I.T. Services VSB Quote that fits your VSB Budget!

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