Our Approach

Our clients are small to mid-sized business owners who choose to have their I.T. department outsourced to local I.T. professionals. Professionals who know them and their business operations that can service their I.T. needs in a timely and cost effective fashion.

Because of the overwhelming availability of inexpensive I.T. related equipment across the U.S. small business owners have seen an explosion of I.T. related issues and inadequate service solutions over the last three years. Beaver County alone is a small business oriented community with demanding I.T. needs and low I.T. professional technical density. Our market research has shown that 9 out of 10 small business owners polled need I.T. related service on a semi-annual or on call basis, not in-house full time personnel. Small Business owners would prefer to have their I.T. managed by local I.T. technicians rather than having to rectify tedious issues on their own through time consuming phone support. As the economy slowly begins to recover we believe this scenario will grow significantly in the next 5 to 10 years.

Independent Micro’s marketing strategy is to emphasize the availability and quality of our I.T. technicians. Over the course of the past several years many small business started looking for outside solutions for their I.T. problems. Many lack the financial resources to have a full time I.T. person. Independent Micro provides professional I.T. services to these small businesses at economical monthly, quarterly and yearly rates. As the challenges of growing a small business increases, it has become imperative for small business owners to rely more on I.T. than ever before.

Our Story

IMC was founded in 1994 by Joe and Diane Frioni. After spending 10 years of employment in the computer industry, Joe decided that the best way to provide long lasting high quality business solutions is to first provide quality service. By integrating a very basic component, customer communication, within our business model, IMC has grown to be one of the premier computer network solution providers in the area.

Our IMC personnel now has over 40+ years combined computer service and consulting experience. Our highly trained technical professionals will assist you in every phase of your computer network design, deployment, upgrade or repair.

From designing a complete state of the art integrated LAN/WAN network, to overhauling an outdated system, IMC has the ability to offer you a long term useful solution.

For over 22 years IMC has been the IT Department for many small to medium sized business and municipalities located in southwestern Pennsylvania. By offering our unique personal form of technical support and assistance, we have been able to establish a lasting relationship with all of our clients.


Through our 22 years in business IMC has designed, installed and maintained over 100 computer networks along with having built and maintained over 1000 custom computers. IMC not only provides the finest technical support for hardware & networking software, we also provide liaison support between third party software vendors and your company. This unique combination of support assists our business owners and municipalities to focus more on their business



Meet the Team

J.P. Frioni

Founder & CEO

Joe Frioni, along with his wife, Diane, are the Owners of Independent Micro Computers. Joe has been the computer industry for 34 years with experience in Computer Network Design and Consulting. Past and present responsibilities include: project design and management, evaluation of new technologies and equipment, database design and implementation, interactive and static website planning, computer system design and development, network planning and administration, system administration.

Diane Frioni


Diane has been in the computer industry for over 20 years with experience in Computer Systems Support and Management. Past and present responsibilities include: Business Management, Business Accounting, and Corporate Sales.

Vince Rivetti

Chief Network Administrator

David Moran


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